PhotoPage software

PhotoPage is my album-generation and photo management software for digital photos. Here's a screenshot of the program in use.

Here's what you need to install and run PhotoPage on a Windows machine. These instructions should be easily adaptable to other platforms.

Java Runtime Environment

Download and install the appropriate Java runtime environment, version 1.3 or higher, for your system. If it's supported on your platform, I recommend the Sun JRE version 1.4.0, as that's what I use to develop PhotoPage. If you intend to modify or recompile it, download and install the SDK, otherwise the JRE is sufficient.

HTML Parser library

On Windows, create the directory C:\Program Files\PhotoPage on your machine. Download the above file and put it in in the directory you just created (C:\Program Files\PhotoPage\).

On other platforms, create a directory for PhotoPage, download the Quiotix HTML parser .jar file, and put it in that directory.

PhotoPage Program

Download the above file and put it in the same directory you created in the above step (for Windows, C:\Program Files\PhotoPage\).

ImageMagick Graphics Library

Download and install ImageMagick. If you're using a Windows platform, click here to download a precompiled version of ImageMagick 5.3.9 for Windows. Extract the zip file to C:\Program Files, making sure to preserve folder names during the extraction.

On other platforms, go to the ImageMagick home page and follow the instructions to download, compile, and install ImageMagick.

Desktop Shortcut (Windows Only)

Create a new shortcut for PhotoPage if you're running Windows:
  1. Right-click on the desktop background and choose New/Shortcut
  2. Type the path to your Java interpreter into the box. For example, for the Sun 1.4 JDK, use C:\J2SDK\jdk1.4.0\bin\java.exe. Click Next.
  3. Type PhotoPage into the box, then click Finish.
  4. Right-click on the new shortcut and choose Properties
  5. Under the "Shortcut" tab, add the following text at the end of the existing text in the "Target:" box: -jar "C:\Program Files\PhotoPage\PhotoPage.jar"
  6. If you have a directory where you plan to keep your photo albums, put it into the "Start in:" field, replacing the existing text.
  7. Click Ok.

Running PhotoPage

On Windows, simply double-click on the PhotoPage icon on your desktop that you created in the previous step. On other platforms, invoke your Java virtual machine, passing it the -jar flag and the path to the PhotoPage.jar file. If you've installed ImageMagick in a non-standard location, be sure to update the path the first time you run PhotoPage by choosing Preferences from the File menu.

If this is your first time using PhotoPage, start by creating a new album by using the File/New command. Then import some photos using the Tools/Import menu item.

PhotoPage Source Code

You can download a zip file with the Java source files here.

To compile, extract the zip file to a directory, put a copy of html-parser.jar (the Quiotix HTML parser library) in that directory, set your CLASSPATH environment variable to ".;html-parser.jar" (replace the semicolon with a colon on non-Windows platforms), and run javac *.java. To create the jar file, run jar cfm PhotoPage.jar *.class.