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I am not the CNN guy!

Despite sharing a name with the seemingly-ubiquitous CNN anchor Aaron Brown, I unfortunately do not host an internationally-televised news program in my spare time. This fact seems lost on some of CNN's viewers, who turn to the Internet to express vitriol or admiration and end up misdirecting their e-mails into my mailbox. I've collected some of the more...interesting mail I've received, here.

Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 23:37:14 -0500
From: <removed>
To: "Aaron B. Brown." <>
Subject: About letters to CNN and MSNBC 
Aaron Brown, I will miss you.  I am an 83 year old woman, and I
hate to learn that you will no longer be a part of CNN.  I what
written CNN and objected, and to MSNBC and O saod that I hope that
they will add you to their news staff.
Name: <removed>
<email elided>
Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving 
safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid 
in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly 
proclaiming -- WOW--What a Ride!!! 

[Now we're getting into politics, I see... --Ed.]

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 13:46:48 -0700
From: <removed>
To: <>
Subject: CNN Memorial Day
You should be ashamed of yourself for using Memorial Day to promote John
Kerry on CNN Monday night.  You didn't once address the questions raised
about whether Kerry had really earned the 1st of 3 Purple Hearts (which
is highly unlikely, and which allowed him to hightail-it outta Vietnam
after only 4 months of duty), or how his Swift boat commanders and
colleagues have questioned his fitness to lead this great country, or
his motivations while in Vietnam or after his return home.  Instead, you
delivered a panegyrical, event-by-event tribute to Kerry's heroic
Vietnam service.  You are pathetic!  You should have also addressed his
attitude and conduct toward others, i.e., his calling one of his secret
service men a son-of-a-bitch and blaming him for a fall on the slopes,
or flipping off a vet in the presence of others including children this
past weekend at the WWII Memorial, or his lame, ridiculing remarks about
our present Commander-In-Chief.

As viewers, we already know everything about Kerry that you promoted on
CNN.  All one has to do is watch one of Kerry's commercials.  What we,
as the viewing audience would have appreciated, is getting to the truth
about Kerry.  You failed to do that.

There are so many other qualified 'heros' of wars, from the present war
going back into history and visiting all of the wars in which the US has
been involved, which you could have used on Memorial Day to celebrate
our freedom and the sacrifices that have secured it.

You fill the liberal media's shoes nicely - never addressing the
critical issues, but going for the sensationalism.  Again, shame on you.

<name removed>

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 18:20:40 -0800
From: <removed>
Subject: NewsNight

Please tell me that Connie Chung is no more than a very casual 
happening on NewsNight. She does not inspire the trust that I feel 
for your reporting. She has always appeared phoney to me. Perhaps I 
am assuming guilt by association. Not you;  Maury!

CNN has created a fine program, entertaining and newsworthy, the 
attributes necessary to today's competitive market. I can endure the 
accordion man, but, please don't foist Connie upon me.

Best regards,

George Van Buren ( a descendent)

Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 05:52:20 -0700
From: <removed>
To: <>
Subject: berk

Hi,Aaron, I was actually looking for the other Aaron Brown,but as long
as I have you I thought I'd be polite and boof ya .It's funny in that I
wish to tell cnn that the reason most people have an educated objection
to the current media coverage is that it simply plays up the "beltway
sniper", much like a "hack " reporter labels a scumbag "The Night
Stalker",etc...I was going to refer to this type of journalism as
"berkeley freshman philosophy".Ha , Ha.Telling the truth may not get you
lots of money ,but if you wish to do good,this is the way to go my
man.What I mean by that is that the worst form of "racism",since it
seems to be such a hot topic,is to say that any particular race cannot
be held to the same form of law.For instance,I live in Canada , and the
indians here wish to say that they must have a seperate set of laws in
keeping with their traditional ways.Well, write them down please ,so
that us mortals may know them,okay?Ha,Ha.You seem like a good guy,with
an honest pursuit of the truth,just be careful about working for a
propaganda ministry,and don't be fond of calling white people
"racists",for there is nothing more racist in this world than saying
GOD,..yes..GOD no less has chosen my race and not yours...,before you
call me "anti-semite" ,I should inform you that the woman I love is
Jewish ,and she wins most of our discussions on the middle east
situation.Anyhow , I'm getting too longwinded,good luck my friend ,
<name removed>.

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 21:29:07 -0800
From: <removed>

I was watching your ongoing news cast about the war and heard the
General you had on comment about how good the troops looked compared to
the shirtless, ragged looking Vietnam Vet. Where has this idiot been?
Vietnam was a different war in a different climate, our clothes rotted
in just a few weeks, we were there for 12 months not weeks, and believe
me the way you look doesn't determine how you fight. Let's see how
pretty they look after they fight for days at a time for 6 to 12 months.
By the way fighting in the jungle is a lot different then fighting in
the desert. Thank god our young troops don't think like this idiot

<name removed>

Sent: Monday, March 24, 2003 8:07 AM
From: <removed> 
To: abrown@cs.berkeley 
Subject: Mr. Aaron Brown

Dear Mr. Brown:

I am home recovering from breast cancer and watch the coverage 
of the war everyday. 

My husband was in the Viet Nam War and for what ever reason he has 
struggled with problems from that war, which created problems in 
our lives the past 15 years. I, for the first time have realized 
why with the difficulties and problems my husband has lived with 
has never complained about the war. I am proud of my husband, as 
I am proud of our valient American troops during the Viet Nam War.
My husband and I were watching TV when the correction to the Viet 
Nam War was made. Although, in our opinion, a correction or 
explanation was not necessary, we commend you and the General 
for the manner in which you did this in. You demonstrated 
professionalism with respect to our valient Americans.

I was proud of our President and our valient American troops 
during the Viet Nam War, I am proud of our President today and 
the decisions he has made, as I am proud of the valient men who 
represent our country and fighting as proud Americans for a cause.
I can stand up proud and say I am "Proud to be an American!

I have enjoyed the footage that has been presented by CNN. Once
again, I commend you for the great job and manner in which you
have shown. You have demonstrate professionalism, fairness,
diplomacy and sincerity. 

Your tone of voice when you read the letter from a mother who
was able to watch her son on the line. Your expression of 
compasion was shown. At that very moment, I cried and prayed for 
this mother and the many millions who have husbands and sons in 
the war. My sympathy goes out to these woman.

Mr. Brown, please pass on to the millions of anchor men/woman, 
reporters, etc. who have dedicated their time to assist America 
in this time of need "A BigThank You".

Please do not mention my name, because in all sincerity what I 
have said comes from the bottom of my heart. I salute you and 
every proud American! 

Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 19:50:00 -0800 (PST)
From: <removed>
Subject: Concern

Hello Aaron,
First let me say that Ray and I have greatly admired your
reporting on Newsnight. Compliments to you on the good job 
you do each evening.

I write you not in criticism, but concern: Since the night the 
Iraqi War began, I have noticed that Jamie McIntyre has had a very 
persistent and omnious cough. If he has no pre-existing illness,
I would strongly suggest he get a chest x-ray and or a bronchoscopy. 
His cough is not severe by any means, but sounds as though it could 
signal a serious pulmonary problem.

I knew as a friend, you might be able to persuade him to have a 
check-up, without any of his superiors at CNN knowing about it.

Hoping for the best in his health.
<name removed>


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Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 22:19:00 -0400
From: <removed>
Subject: Iraq
To: Aaron Brown <>

Dr. Mr. Brown,

I have been a fan of yours since you came to CNN and, since all of 
the U.N. resolutions last year and throughout the Iraq war.  I have 
been glued to the TV screen whenever you were on camera.

In the late last evening (tax day) the 15th of April, on camera, 
your were speaking with General Wesley Clark discussing whether the 
new Iraq would become an Islamic country with an Islamic government 
and laws.  Possible but not likely, because under the Saddam regime 
and up to today's Iraq is somewhat a secular nation (unless things 
change for the worse).  You rarely see women wearing veils; most 
just don a scarf even if that.  Shiates make up to 60-65 percent of 
the population;  now they will probably be able to properly practice
their religion (hopefully they will not be radicalized by their 
mullahs).  Hopefully the Sunnis, which are 31-36 percent of the 
populace and were mostly in the Baathist Party, can get along with 
the Shiates and not get themselves into an internicean war.  
Christians make up three percent of the populace.  Well, we will 
have to wait and see what happens.

I hope that you don't thing I am a pedant because you have probably 
studied this much more than I have.  I only sent this E-mail when 
you and General Clark seemed not to have an answer as to religion 
versus secularism, the latter meaning democracy.

Kindest regards,

                                    <name removed>

[NB: in response to a New York Times article suggesting that Aaron Brown would be appearing in paid advertising spots designed to look like legitimate unbiased news reports]

Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 12:43:58 -0400
From: <removed>
Subject: Disappointed

Refer: NY Times, May 7,2003, Business Sec.
          "Is It News Or An Advertisement?"
            By Melody Brown
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Please - Say it isn't so!!

<name removed>

and shortly thereafter, from the same sender:

Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 13:55:20 -0400
From: <removed>
Subject: Hurrah!!

Today's NY Times story [by Melody Peterson, CNN Anchor Backs Out of

Now you're back on my top ten 'broadcast journalists' list!! I know
this comment is not going to make your day but your decision has made
mine. Have a good one.

<name removed>

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