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New York in Black & White (1)

22 Dec 2004

First in a series. More to come.

Chinatown, NYC, NY | Nov 2004
Chinatown, NYC, NY | Nov 2004

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Hot and Cold

16 Dec 2004

So my apartment hasn't had hot water late at night for the past few nights. It's happened enough times now that it's clearly not a fluke, so I put in a detailed maintenance request to the leasing office, including a record of water temperatures and times.

Today, I arrive home to find a note next to my kitchen sink, which, incidentally, has one of those single-lever faucets that rotates from left to right for hot to cold. The note said, and I quote:

"I notice the lever was facing toward the right you must move it to the left to get hot water".

I'm sorry, but do they really think that someone who's been living in the apartment for a year would never have figured out how to work the tap?? That I could measure the water temperature but wouldn't think to turn the faucet handle? Gaah.

Thankfully, I'm moving in a month and I'll be out of this mismanaged place. And into my own house!

[house photo]

I'm so excited! (and a bit scared and overwhelmed, but those usually come along with good things)

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12 Dec 2004

Welcome to!

[door photo]
Brooklyn, NY | March 2004
[trees photo]
Croton Point, NY | Nov 2004

I've used this site to host my photo galleries for a while, but have finally succumbed to peer pressure, installed Movable Type, and created a weblog. I expect this to take the form of a photo-log more than anything else, although I won't rule out the occasional stories, musings, and even the odd recipe...we'll see where it goes.

So let's get the formalities out of the way: I'm Aaron, you can read more about me here, and if you end up reading regularly, let me know by posting a comment or dropping me a note.

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