SIGOPS EW, St. Emilion, France: St. Emilion and surroundings

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Cobbled street

Logis des Remparts

Auberge de la Commanderie

French poodle

Evening light

Moonlit vineyards

Chateau la Couspade

Street scene

Fountain at town's edge

Ruins of the old remparts

More ancient walls

Merlot grapes, days before harvest

Overlooking the vineyards

Vineyards of Chateau Villmaurine

French countryside


Chateau Clos-Fourtet

A burst of color

Old doors

Le drapeau francais

Balcony overlooking the central square

Bell tower

Corks for good luck

Remparts at sunset

Grapes ready for picking



Chateau in a vineyard

Chateau in a vineyard

Chateau in a vineyard

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